Crop: Target size xxl
Blazer: Fashion to Figure size 2x
Jeans: Forever 21 Plus size 16
Shoes: ASOS

So I shaved my side again. In love. But I’m gonna write about something more important.

On Tuesday I had a bit of a breakdown. In front of my boyfriend. I literally couldn’t stop crying really hard. It came out of nowhere. I remember driving home a few hours before and being really happy. But then suddenly I crashed down hard. Probably because I had the genius idea to stop taking my medication for a few months.

Everything was fiiiinnnneeeeeee. So great. OMG chelsea you are doing so great you don’t need those pills. Wrong bitch.

People just LOVE to tell people with mental illnesses that they don’t need pills. “It’s a spectrum we r all a lil bipolar”. NO. Some people literally need mood stabilizers to function normally. I’m one of those people.

NEVER BE AFRAID TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF NO MATTER WHAT PEOPLE SAY TO YOU. If you are in need of help, don’t be ashamed. And try not to get discouraged when it takes some time. It took me like 8 years to get the right meds. And I am a functioning, employed, bachelor degree having woman in a great relationship with an amazing man. It’s possible, but it’s not easy.

I asked my boyfriend for help when I had my breakdown. He’s been incredibly supportive and makes sure I take my meds. It’s not embarrassing, it’s just a medical condition. It’ll be okay and you can get through this.

I hope you’re all feeling great lately!! Remember to never be ashamed for who you are cuties.

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Sakura (by Kinhaku)


Sakura (by Kinhaku)

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Whatever, I can’t be anything else but me so I might as well just be that.

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